Why Vitamin C Oil is Better for Skin than Your Vitamin C Serum

Why Vitamin C Oil is Better for Skin than Your Vitamin C Serum

The surge of Vitamin C serum popularity in the last several years is no fluke.  There is serious science behind the powerhouse antioxidant that is Vitamin C.   

Benefits of Topical Vitamin C:

  • Reduces visual appearance of photodamaged skin/age spots
  • Boosts collagen synthesis 
  • Neutralizes dangerous free radicals in UV-exposed skin
  • Rejuvenates life-less skin

velvet vitamin c oil is the best serum by green heart labs


The problem is that L-Ascorbic, which is highly beneficial to skin, is not stable in the cosmetic jar.  Even formulas with high percentages of Vitamin C 20% to 30% might not deliver the benefits due the breakdown overtime.  Typical water-based serums are especially prone to breakdown leaving you to wonder if the ingredients on the label are actually reaching your skin.  Green Heart Labs has solved this problem with our revolutionary oil-serum.

Velvet Vitamin C Oil contains not only an oil soluble and very stable form of Vitamin C called tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, but also contains liposomal L-asborbic acid (Vitamin C).  The Vitamin C liposome protects its potency and helps drive it into the deeper layers of the skin when applied topically.   It is truly the most potent and elegant formulation of Vitamin C available.